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Football is in our blood.

Feel the same?

Come and see us in action, train or follow us!


San Francisco, CA
2 Teams

To provide football for children
in a safe fun environment.

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GI Jugend

Training Night
17:00 - 18:00
PRB Main Gym

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Open Space

Training Night
18:00 - 19:00
PRB Main Gym

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Latest News

Jugend fixtures have been updated.

Training times for F Jugend & G Jugend have been updated.


The Princess Royal Barracks (PRB), Gütersloh, Football Club (FC), was first established in 1994.

Currently the club has 5 football teams with 90 players aged 5 - 15, why not come and join us?

The teams play in the Football and Athletics Association Westfahlen, Gütersloh comunity league 34 (FLVW-K34) thereby improving Anglo-German relations.

All coaches are volunteers from the Gütersloh community. If you are interested in becoming a coach then e-mail colin@prbguterslohfc.de